Web - design

On this page lay out links
a previously made sites.
At first located the site works
ie filled with "content" with the domains of the first level.
Here (I will warn you) sites - "sketches" in which
content is often indicated symbolically (done a few pages
for example, or populated with the "fish").
All the sites are made in the CMS Joomla 3.9.X (other CMS - on the forum pages).
waynorth.lutmap.ru - on wordpress 4.3.1.
And so. Site "Karzer"
You can "click" on the big picture below.

karzer banner 002

This is a story about a single disc with music by Sergei Kornilov
(four concerts for violin and samplers).

Read more about this project by visiting the site you will learn "Karzer".
About his participation in this work, I will tell on the "sound" of this site.

The following link to the website of "Senzar".
For specialists in sound reinforcement.
Design and manufacture of acoustic systems in Russia and the CIS.
You can see the product catalogs, etc.

senzar banner 001

Animation banners and other elements of the site is made on HTML5 and CSS without the use of Adobe Flash.
It enables you to browse the web on all Apple devices and Android devices
the latest version, which does not support Adobe Flash.

Next - site of "Indima." I will not comment. Look at the site.
This is a company from the city of Cheboksary engaged in the production of commercial equipment.

indima banner 001

All presented on this page are made taking into account modern requirements
Responsive Web Design. Specialists know well what I mean.
For people not familiar with the term, briefly explain that the website is designed in such a way,
that its design, layout, etc. adjust to the size and resolution of the display device,
on which you view it. This is done for the convenience of viewing the site on portable devices,
the benefit of public displays only now there.

Now offers a little fun. This site is a test for the Palace of Art "Intellect".
I put it on the study site disabled need to register in order
that you could (if you want) do pass these tests and see how it works.

intellect banner 001



Now some sites "sketches".

First, like the previous one, the working site is made for the sale of plastic pontoons, but others.
Most of the content coincides with magicfloat - this is temporary. I show mainly because of the slide show on the home.

smartfloat banner 001

You can also watch 3D at:

Look at the newly launched site recording studio of Ilya Denisenko.
This, too, is a draft, but you can get an idea.
from the content of the page is "demo"

denistudio banner 001

On this page I have already talked about site tests for the house of creativity "Intellect".
Next workpiece without content, you can see only the home page.
Maybe I will do a site for teachers.

teachers banner 001


Site-card company's "Way North" (wordpress 4.3.1)
He, too, is empty, you can see only the "home" page.

waynorth banner 001 


The site for the monastery "St. Vvedenskaya desert island" (in development).

ostrov banner 001


That's all I wanted to show on this page.
As will appear sites'll add links to this page.

Thank you.
Good luck.