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Let me remind you, My name is Vladimir Lutoshkin.
Page named "Music", but I'm not here to spread music in the highest sense of the word.
Let me explain - I have never engaged in composing music professionally, ie I'm not a composer
(remember from Arthur Honegger "I - composer"). This does not mean that I was creating music is not serious,
and in between times. There are recorded the album "Soup of the ax", excerpts from the personal archives are presented above.

Adage  -  1990
Before  -  1990
After  -  1990
Etude  -  1986
Wasteland  -  1991
Trio  -  1991
If  -  1996

I no longer daring to heaven.
All the music is created, performed and recorded by me.
The recording and mixing was helping my brother - Igor Lutoshkin. In №10 ("If I") plays the balalaika
Sergei Goncharov. You may not immediately realize that sounds exactly the balalaika.
It's a funny story, I could remember it on the page "History". In №11 ("If II")
at a piano playing Dmitry Danilov. In №12 ("If III") Dima plays a game
on "Hammond organ". №10 ("If I") was written under the influence
of some works Adrian Belew. The rhythmic foundation
- a quotation from the play "The Gypsy Zurna"
album "Desire Caught By The Tail" (1986).

Separate fragment "Ovation" is written in Nizhny Novgorod
in 2001 (for Lev Sazonov).

Probably, this page will not be replenished.