3D Gallery

On this page, posted pictures taken in 3D.
Use of the program Maxon Cinema 4D Studio R16.
I do not do 3D graphics and 3D animation on a regular basis,
but sometimes there are orders that are implemented in a different technique
does not work. In addition, I'm very interested in doing.
Some pictures for the company's advertising booklet "Magicfloat".
The combination of the photo (background), and 3D objects.

Some pictures that are not used in the work, so to speak, "by-product".
You can "click" on the picture and opens a large window.
Then use the arrow keys "left" - "right" to scroll.

Four pictures with the "house".


By the rivers of the capital.

And here is the elements that had to draw all the pictures "Magicfloat".

Another six other design objects.

Several banners.

One picture for the Australian company "Srysonic."
This layout plugin for DAW. This plug-in does not exist.
I invented it, that would make an arbitrary design.

A short video with 3D animation for "Srysonic." I made in Cinema 4D and mounted in Final Cut Pro X 10.2.1


A short video with 3D animation for the company "Senzar".

While all. Reminds catalog pontoons "Magicfloat".
But this is only exemplary.
To be continued.