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Let me remind you, my name is Vladimir Lutoshkin.
On this page, I posted a few examples
my work as a sound engineer. I live a long time,
in 1985 and 1987 I took part in the record
chamber-instrumental ensemble "Horizon" studio
the firm "Melody" ("Summer Town", "Portrait of a Boy" music of Sergey Kornilov).
At the bottom of this page a few fragments from the archive with this record.
It was the first experience in a professional studio.
In the nineties, I had my own studio, and then worked in the studio "NNSP" in Nizhny Novgorod.
Since 2005 in different studios in Moscow and as a concert sound engineer with various
performers (more, perhaps, write on the page "History")
Listen to some fragments from disk "Karzer" Sergey Kornilov.
Four Violin Concerto and samplers. Violin - Michael Berkut.
In (№№ 7,9 "Bear's Song", "Cover me") I played guitar. For this disc, made a separate:
There you will find official information about this work.
Mix together with Sergei Kornilov, made in the studio of Ilya Denisenko:
Mastering - April 2009.

For some, the instrumental music of Sergey Kornilov too distinctive.
Here are three works by Sergei recorded in the song genre in creative cooperation
with singer Ludmila Sokolova. She sings mainly other repertoire.
Perhaps these songs you have not heard, and they like. Recorded and mixed by me the same in the studio of Ilya Denisenko
at different times of a few years ago.
In the song "With You" and "You're saving my soul tonight" I was playing the guitar, carefully drawn Sergei.
But a liberty I afford. Short likeness guitar solo at the end of the song "You're saving my soul tonight"
written "by itself." Forgive me, gods and author. In the original version of the song are on YouTube channel
Sergey Kornilov. My version has not approached him. Here I show it (secret).


Earlier, I wrote that I work with concert sound engineer with various performers.
One such work was Ludmila Sokolova concert at the Moscow International House of Music
April 24, 2011. During the concert, made a multichannel recording. Then I did the mix
(released a DVD, I just did authoring, design envelope and so on).
Feature information of this concert that had the opportunity to make a balance, having mounted
video material. On YouTube, many videos of this show. For example, spread:

Second video with instrumental solo at the end.
Everywhere I met these records in net, I did not see mention of performers.
If not, do not be amiss to recall:
Konstantin Kokorin - guitar
Victor Konkov - drums
Vitaly Kiss - acoustic guitar
Salman Abuev - trumpet
Sergey Sokuler - bass
Vartan Babayan - percussion
Alex Kalyapichev - keyboards
Vladimir Kovalev - composer, arranger, keyboards, vocals
I was very comfortable working with their execution, not the rules of a single note.

I listen to a little pop music, the circle of my musical interests in other genres,
but Lyudmila special case. Great singing all kinds of music.
She is magnificent.

Several works have been recorded and mixed in the styles Jazz, Jazz Rock, Fusion.

In 2008 I recorded a concert organized by Sergey Chipenko.
I omit details. Here Sergei Chipenko takes his play together with world stars
the first magnitude: the saxophone - Eric Marienthal, bass - Jimmy Haslip, drums - Will Kennedy,
Guitar - Chuck Loeb, piano - Jeff Lorber. I made a mix that went nowhere and probably
It was either lost or did not like the author. Maybe I infringe any copyrights.
If so, I am ready to take off with the publication of this record. Sorry if something is messed up.

In 2004 was released the first album the quartet JazzAero.
"Life Line" - the author's music Dusenko Konstantin, colored with individual participants of the ensemble:
Konstantin Dusenko (keyboards)
Dmitry Trifonov (saxophone)
Nikolay Uryupin (drums)
Alexander Boldyrev (bass guitar)
Later I recorded a few dozen songs.
One, with a cheerful name of "Short" is presented here (4 "Short")
(bass - Dmitry Maximov).
Recording with rehearsal.
With these musicians I linked not only the profession, but also long-term friendship.
We went to concerts in different cities of the country, participated in several jazz festivals.

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