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It can be an inaccurate translation. Excuse me.

My name is Vladimir Lutoshkin.
The site started to gather in one place
my work on sound, design, web design, 3D modeling.
The content is quite motley (maybe not yet) in an attempt to
a systematization. Currently, I am not bound by obligations
to work with almost no one, that is, loosely fits bourgeois "Freelancer".
On this page I will not write about "milestones in life's journey" -
born, graduated, participated, worked with ...
Maybe casual ...
Music school - violin Olga Nikolaevna Ilyina.
Low to her bow.
I studied at the Faculty of Radio Electronics and Technical Cybernetics
in the Gorky Polytechnic Institute (almost do not remember, but I remember galoshes,
which went to the lectures and the Lenin Library).
I was believe that this will be the profession, and the music - a hobby.
And then - Beatles, Deep Purple, Queen, Genesis, Yes ...
College - contrabass.
The chamber-instrumental ensemble "Horizon" for many years played
guitar and the flute ...
On this page I'll reminisce ...
Without chronology and without any need.

Used photo Misha Burlatsky.