Sound 2

Vocal ensemble "Anima".
Sacred choral music. Solo Singing rare and complex musical genre.
When mixing I did not use instruments the reverb. Natural environment of the temple.
Recorded in St. Nicholas Monastery in Perervinsky natural acoustics (2006).
Alexander Lapshin
Marina Sechkina
Sergey Birov
Tatyana Marakunina
Dmitry Sitnikov


Now the "cutting" of the works in Nizhny Novgorod 2000 - 2005.
(studio "NNSP" Alexey Smirnov and Arkady Anisimov). I spread from the archive in the original.
"JazzAero" (one of the first records), Yana Tyulkova & Oleg Kireyev,
"J.A.M." (Hello Sergey Parigin), "Prime Time", "Forbidden Drummers", Chapel boys,
"Black dog" (Hello Danilo), a boy from Pavlov, Evgeny Gurin.
Hello everyone who remembers.

"Summer Town” - the first album (vinyl disk) group "Horizon" (recorded in 1985).
Sergey Kornilov - composer, keyboard.
Vladimir Lutoshkin - guitar, flute.
Alexey Eremenko - bass guitar.
Anatoliy Pavlenko - drums.
Andrey Krivilev - keyboards, vocals, blockflute.
Igor Pokrovsky - vocals.
The music is recorded in the studio of the company "Melody", thanks to the efforts of Yury Sergeyevich Saulsky.
Not many know that before the trip to Moscow, we pre-recorded all the material in our studio,
and in many ways this record was closer to the idea. (the record is not preserved).
The official sound engineer of this album were Georgy Lazarev and Andrei Vetr, but really in the recording and mixing
took part Sergey Kornilov and me. We did not need to experiment in the studio.
It was verified a sound model to which we aspire, but only managed to get a first approximation. 

Everything that is written about "Summer Town" refers to the plate "Portrait of a Boy" (recorded in 1987).
Only Georgy Lazarev in this work did not participate.

I would add that in these years we have worked with:
Michael Burlatsky.
Igor Lutoshkin.
Pavel Sharapov.
Viktor Ilyin.
Yury Belyakov.